Gottex Swimwear History

The history of Gottex is a wonderful one and something we are very excited to share with the world. Gottex was founded in 1956. They began their activities in the great and recently founded city of Tel Aviv. This alone had a great impact on their range, as did beign situated on the Israeli coast. Let's take a look at their history and location and the time in which they came about as a brand, and how it impacted them.

What Is The History of Gottex?

Where a brand begins its journey is quite important. Being based where they are is a great boon to the Gottex collection and has gifted them with a great deal of inspiration. Tel Aviv is in Israel and it borders three seas. To the West is the Mediterranean known for its stunning coastal cities. To the South of the country is the Red Sea famous for its sea life. And of course, the Dead Sea in the East, a landlocked sea that is known for its striking and stark landscape views. Tel Aviv is right on the coast of the Mediterranean, all of them are within a few hours journey of the city. All the greats of the swimwear world come from areas that offer them inspiration, and Gottex is no different, using the world around them as a muse for their collections. With this trio of gorgeous locations to inspire them, what designer wouldn't automatically start making beautiful designs? But there is more to the story than just the place, there is also the time.

What Inspired Gottex Swimwear?

Gottex was founded at a time when cinema was becoming really big. In 1956, colour TV wasn't quite as popular as it would be in a few years, as it was only available in the USA. But cinema had been producing some amazing colour pictures for a long time. And the 1950s saw the rise of the Hollywood starlet, and some of the fashion we still wear and appreciate to this day. The bandeau bikinis, and the high waisted bikinis that are seeing a comeback today for example.
Also, the really decorative and colourful dresses that were popular on screen at the time are now making up parts of the Gottex fashion swimwear range.

In the 1950s, garments became more colourful all round thanks to the shades we all began to see up on the screen, and Gottex swimsuits soon followed suit. These newer items of swimwear began to be even more wild and exciting than what you'd find in the 30s and 40s. Gottex helped lead the charge with fashion swimwear and because they were designing so close to the coast whilst most swimwear designers were in the traditional cities of Paris and London, they combined the natural world around them, the marine life and the best of the new culture that was emerging in the world.

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