Gottex Swimwear Collections

Gottex swimwear isn't just one big range of items. It is a series of sub-ranges and collections that each have their own concentration. Some favour fashion swimwear, bringing you designs that are creative and beautiful in their own right, real works of art. Others are support swimwear, offering to massage your torso and pull your figure in, for a combination of slimming and better circulation for swimming in. Others still are everyday items that are designed to look nice, but be easy to swim in if you do want to get a few laps in too. So what collections do Gottex have and what do they all mean?

What Is Gottex Profile?

Gottex Profile is one of their largest ranges and it specifically deals with shaping swimwear. Tummy control swimwear is super popular and Gottex make some wonderful items as part of this range. We all know the struggles of reaching that beach body that we want. Gottex Profile is about helping to sculpt your figure slightly and give you that last little push by taking an inch or two off your waist. It is also a little more affordable than most Gottex ranges.

What Is Gottex Profile Sport?

Gottex Profile Sport is the twin to the Profile range. Profile Sport is, as its name suggests, at the nexus of beautiful designs and more practical ones. Profile Sport adds something more minimalist and modern to the mix though, making it look more active and dynamic, hence the sporty name. But it is still made with style in mind, and isn't pure athletics, which is why their next range is here to help us out.

What Is Gottex Free Sport?

Gottex Free Sport is that pure sports swimwear range we mentioned. These designs are made to be much more dynamic and athletic in their appearance. They are more affordable than the pure fashion ranges as are many of their more practical collections, but Gottex Free Sport is particularly focused on action. It is meant to be used and whilst stylish in its own right, it is made for the oceans, not just for show.

What Is Gottex Cruise?

Gottex Cruise, or more accurately Gottex Profile Cruise, is all about beauty and high end designer swimwear. Cruise by Gottex is fashion swimwear at its finest. This collection is about rich designs and magnificent haute couture pieces of swimwear. If you like fashion bikinis or designer swimsuits, and you want the very best and most beautiful, then Gottex Cruise is the place to go first.

What Is X By Gottex?

Their newest range of items is a very different one to what they normally make. Namely, it is activewear. Gottex Activewear has been seen before in Free Sport, but this is activewear for the gym. That's right, Gottex are making leggings and hoodies for the treadmill and weight room now too. X by Gottex is all about getting the most out of your work outs with comfy garments that move easily, but also bring the style and chicness that is a signature of Gottex to the fore too.

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